Iceland is known for its contrasting landscapes that literally cause the earth here to smoke and erupt under your feet. Being located so far north, Iceland is a country that seems to be perpetually covered in snow and ice, but underground it is a different story, and this is actually one of the most volcanic regions in the world, with a huge number of active volcanoes ready to erupt at any moment.

This contrast also means that you will find a huge amount of geothermal activity here which has given rise to famous natural spas such as the Blue Lagoon and other ancient warm water pools.

If you like cities, then you can enjoy the engaging capital of Reykjavik which has one of the best hidden dining and nightlife scenes in Europe, but if you are a nature lover then you will be absolutely spoiled for choice on a trip here. As well as volcanoes and geothermal lakes, you can find glittering glaciers, underground caves, and elegant national parks covered with wandering reindeer.

Whatever you are looking for, Iceland is also a land of myths and legends, and you can tour the country learning of trolls, elves, giants, and mythical creatures that all add to the allure of this mysterious yet inviting country.