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Indiana Travel Temptations

Indiana Travel Temptations will take you to the land of Amish and Mennonite movements, onto modern-day lands where you will enjoy rafting, kayaking, canoeing, boating, sailing, and warm sunny days on beaches. Throughout the areas of Indiana, you can select from family spots, vacation spots, travelers haven, and more. Indianapolis would take you on a family vacation through monuments, memorials, museums, beaches, and more. Otherwise you can head-on up to Orange County, which is seated in the southern areas of Indiana and enjoy flee marketing, Amish, Mennonites, and green, grassy farmlands. Take care that you watch out for the horse and buggies along the way.

Indianapolis preview:
Indianapolis is the heartland of the United States of America. The area is surrounded by Sports Centers, shakers, movers, great landmarks, children’s museums, pioneer towns, lodges, diners, and so on. Indianapolis, each year delivers sporting events, which include world-class sports competitions, concerts, and so on.

Southern Indiana review:
Route Southern Indiana you may travel through Goshen, Elkhart, Osceola, Shipshewana, and so on. Each area in Southern Indiana is where the Amish settled from the lands of Montgomery. The Amish moved on to Daviess County and traveled further out through Orange County. In Orange County you will see Amish farmlands, restaurants, horse collar/construction shops, wheel work, and more. The Amish lands stretch out to Washington County and all through the southern areas of Indiana. Along the way, you may want to stop at the Amish gift shops where you can view, or buy a variety of woodwork, crafts, quilts, and more. Along the way you may run into Stoll Lakeview restaurant. Down the way you’ll also stumble upon the Lost River, Spring Mill Park, Gus Grissom Memorial, and so on. Washington County will take you to the lands where Amish construct their furniture.

About the Amish:
Amish families still remain faithful to their religion. You will see these people still wearing handmade clothing, long beards, and riding along the roadsides in their horse and buggy.

The Mennonites broke off from the Amish. The Mennonites now drive motor vehicles, rather than horse and buggy. The two separate themselves by wearing differing clothing, i.e. the Mennonite women will wear white head coverings, while the Amish women will wear black. Still, the two remain to agree on particular religious beliefs. Their culture and religions background is to be respected. Therefore, if you travel to Mennonite and Amish lands take care not to use profane languages, or act in ways that would demonstrate disrespect to their beliefs.

Shipshewana is a place to visit if you want to surround yourself by Mennonites and Amish people; horse and buggies, flea markets, horse auctions, farmland, etc.

The area is a dry County, which means the stores do not sell alcohol beverages.

Shipshewana has one of the largest flea markets in the world. At Shipshewana flea market, you should prepare to spend at least three or four days. It will take you this long to walk through the majority of vendors’ booths at the flea market. In addition, horse auctions are on site, which you will see Clydesdales, stallions, farm horses, as well as a variety of other farm animals auctioned. Many of the horses are auctioned at a phenomenal price.

Typically, when the Mennonite and Amish can no longer use farm animals, they will sell them and low-cost. The money is utilized to purchase fresh farm animals, or equipment.

In addition, Shipshewana’s flea market has a variety of shops, stores, restaurants, diners, cafes, etc. You can find pretty much anything you would like to eat at the flea market. The flea market also has some of the lowest priced goods and products, including fruits, vegetables and more.

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